Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up is all about the art of applying coloured pigments into the upper layer of the skin to enhance your appearance. Promoted by doctors and beauty journalists this is a hygienic and safe beauty essential for those wanting to look their best. With a vast array of colours available, Joanna uses her experience and knowledge to custom blend the pigments to each individual’s skin tone. The pigments are non-reactive and fragrance free with no emollients added. The results of these treatments can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish.

Questions answered

How long does the treatment take? Depending upon the procedure, the treatment time can vary between 60 and 90 minutes. This includes a thorough consultation……

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Eyes Gallery

Having a treatment such as eyeliner or lash enhancement is a fabulous way to open up the eyes and emphasize their colour. Eyelashes can be enhanced to look thicker…

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Eyebrows Gallery

As eyebrows frame the face, this treatment hugely benefits those with eyebrows that are fair, thin, sparse, scarred or generally uneven. Well groomed eyebrows can act as an instant face lift giving you a more…

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Lips Gallery

The lips are one of the most sensual features of the face. The various procedures offer an effective way of adding volume and symmetry as well as providing a solution for uneven or poorly shaped lips, as it enhances the…

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